Thrive is a compilation of 365 daily devotions provided for the 2018 Seeds for the Soul Daily Devotion ministry out of Cross Roads Baptist Church.


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December 2017





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Pastor Kenneth Kuykendall

Kenneth Kuykendall is the pastor of Cross Roads Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Under his leadership and vision, the church has experienced spiritual growth, numerical increase, and facility expansion for years. His burden for ministry is to equip the saints, reach the unsaved, and glorify Christ through expositional preaching and teaching.

He is the author of many books and booklets. In 2007, he established Cross Roads Publications, a ministry that provides Christian literature and resources. He also founded Seeds for the Soul Daily Devotion, a devotional ministry that has reached hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Believers who thrive are not satisfied with yesterday’s apex, they look for higher summits today. The water from last week’s springs will not satisfy their present thirst, they need to taste the water again, and again, and again. Like the children of Israel, they need fresh manna for their souls. So, they advance, they push ahead, they pant for things divine. The goal for these kind of believers is not to survive only, but to thrive with passion and zeal. In this 365-day devotional by Kenneth Kuykendall, you will be challenged to experience more in your daily walk with God. You will be challenged to thrive!


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