The Six Senses of the Spiritual Leader

The Six Senses of the Spiritual Leader

“Every believer, on some level, is a spiritual leader.” – Dr. Kenneth Kuykendall


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Pastor Kenneth Kuykendall

Kenneth Kuykendall is the pastor of Cross Roads Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Under his leadership and vision, the church has experienced spiritual growth, numerical increase, and facility expansion for years. His burden for ministry is to equip the saints, reach the unsaved, and glorify Christ through expositional preaching and teaching.

He is the author of many books and booklets. In 2007, he established Cross Roads Publications, a ministry that provides Christian literature and resources. He also founded Seeds for the Soul Daily Devotion, a devotional ministry that has reached hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Every believer, on some level, is a spiritual leader. And the only way you can lead your followers to the spiritual reality of Christ-likeness is for you to embrace and engage your spiritual senses. You may not have great oratory skills, an appealing personality, or strong physical features; but God has given you six senses. Learn how to embrace them and use them for His honor and glory in the new book by Pastor Kenny Kuykendall.





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