6 Cures for the Common Cold

6 Cures for the Common Cold

Getting a yearly cold is never any fun! Being groggy, slow, and sore is a terrible feeling. This can happen in the Christian life as well. In this booklet you will find six cures for apathy in your Christian walk.

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Pastor Kenneth Kuykendall

Pastor Kenneth Kuykendall

Dr. Kenneth Kuykendall has served as pastor in the Atlanta-metro area since 2000. He is pastor of Cross Roads Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Along with his pastoral duties, he is a songwriter, and author of many books and booklets. In 2007 he founded Cross Roads Publications.

“Overcoming Apathy and Indifference with God”

Apathy can lead a believer into the terrain of indifference. If not carefully guarded, our hearts can become calloused from the rigid elements of despondency. Keep your life kindled with theĀ  fire of God’s presence and discover anew His flaming power in your soul.


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